This piece was commissioned by my mother who is gifting it to the chief of the tribe she works for. Here Minnesota is pictured with both traditional native Woodlands style flowers, and representational native flowers of Minnesota placed in the locations where they are found. The green lines both symbolize vines and are the outline of the major rivers of Minnesota. The plants pictured here are:

Sweetgrass- Pipestone County
Prarie Coneflower- Lac Qui Parle
Nodding Bur Marigold- Roseau
Broad Leafed Arrowhead- Kittish
Blue Sky Aster- Winona
Wintergreen- Cook
Eastern Black Nightshade- Blue Earth
Hoary Puccoon- Cottonwood
Prarie Smoke- Jackson
Swamp Milkweed- Yellow Medicine
Canadian Wild Ginger- Fillmore
Spreading Dogbane- Chisago
Cranberry- Beltrami
Blueberry- Koochiching
Spagnum Moss- Arrowhead
Wild Rice- Stearns
Pink Spiderwort- Rice
Lady Slipper- Carver

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